The Collaborative Team (in order of joining project):

Spacexcape Bridges (UK) - London based installation artist and Second Life builder

Xandro Falta (Italy) - programmer and Second Life builder

Nite Zelmanov (Canada) - Computer coder and Second Life script writer and builder

Vajra Raymaker (Canada) - Philosopher with an interest in the epistemology of language and communication systems more generally

Menthu Faulkes (Denmark) Scientist.

Fnordian Link (Canada) Artist, script writer and resident genius

Tropo Inshan (Germany) - Artist, philosopher and Magician

Miros Torok (France) Artist and astronomer

Zenzi Voom (Germany) Artist in residence and Second Life interactive art creator

Zen7Men (Germany) - Sound artist http://zen-men.de

Jer Straaf (USA) Script writer and generally crazy guy

Binary Quandry (Denmark) - Artist, scientist. Interactive art using the avatar keys to produce visual effects.



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